Water and projection screens Whether at exhibitions, product launches or movie screenings

Anything is possible inside or outside. Water walls or water curtains are usually used for the projection of films or pictures. By the semitransparent water expanse projections appear to be freestanding in a room. They create a fascinating visual experience. Water walls can of course also be used for spatial partitioning.


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We offer our water shows as individual complete solutions including water tank, show concept, light and sound equipment, implementation and on-the-spot support.

Here's How!

With their modular design our water and projection screens can be integrated into almost all stage systems or adhere on ceilings and truss systems.

Because of the universal insertable components all desired lengths can be realized.

The water wall modules are equipped with 170 nozzles/meter in three staggered rows and can be smoothly aligned.

Special designs according to the customers requirements such as curved or circular elements are also possible.

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  • Water tanks up to 2,500 sqm
  • variable tank forms
  • A wide range of water effects
  • Up to 16 million LED colours
  • Short construction and installation times