The Aquamatrix

The Aquamatrix is ​​a unique, mobile, variable in shape and size, 3D water show.

Depending on your wishes and opportunities the mobile tank is between 50 square meters and 2.500 spare meters wide. 25 to 400 nozzles/injectors with corresponding LED colour lighting can be placed in form of a matrix inside it. Through individual activation of the pumps and the 16 million LED colours - synchronized to music or as a standalone show - we compose a fascinating visual experience.

Water walls & trick fountains
As additional elements of the show projection screens, water curtains and all forms of classical trick fountains are available.


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All inclusive

We offer our water shows as individual complete solutions including water tank, show concept, light and sound equipment, implementation and on-the-spot support.

What you need:

  • connection for power supply
  • water supply
  • space
  • the desire to be fascintated by water

Free combinable single effects

  • Up to 1,500 water nozzles/injectors with different images
  • High fontains
  • nozzle groups/ injector groups
  • rotary nozzles/injectors
  • pivoting nozzles / injectors
  • Aquamatrix
  • Water walls / screens
  • Rain curtains / screens
  • Projection screens (up to 100 m)
  • Jumping jets
  • cold mist
  • water mist

Water basin

  • 50 m² to 2.500 m²
  • In almost all conceivable forms
  • From sheet aluminum or stainless steel
  • Reflecting Pools

Light and control

  • LED lighting in white or with 16 million colors
  • After music or fixed sequence programs
  • PC, light table or externally controlled
  • Integrated in all kinds of shows